The DEMO Festival 2022 Netherlands | STASH MAGAZINE

The DEMO Festival Spreads Motion Design Across 5,000 Screens

From the team at Studio Dumbar/DEPT® in Rotterdam, Netherlands: “On Thursday, October 6th, 2022, we showed the world’s best motion design on 5,000 screens for 24 hours in public spaces across the Netherlands.” [Watch]

Aixsponza Nike Air Zoom Mercurial x Rocket League | STASH MAGAZINE

Aixsponza Takes Nike Air Zoom Mercurial x Rocket League to Piccadilly Circus

From the team at Aixsponza in Munich, Germany: “Nike and game developer Psyonix have partnered to bring the new Nike Air Zoom Mercurial football boot into Psyonix’s Rocket League game following its debut in stores and on pitches around the world.” [Watch]