Imaginary Forces Creative Director Izik Roitman | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Forces Welcomes Creative Director Izik Roitman

Imaginary Forces is excited to share some good news, Creative Director Izik Roitman is joining their ranks. Roitman is eager to bring his technical eye to a studio that greatly values creative possibilities. [Read more]

Hulu Little Fires Everywhere Main Title | STASH MAGAZINE

Behind the Scenes with Imaginary Forces on the “Little Fires Everywhere” Main Title

From Imaginary Forces: “The titles for Little Fires Everywhere delivers on the name itself as we indulged our inner pyromania. Shot at high speed, it’s a ballet of burning objects, tumbling, floating, and falling through frame. [Read more]

Stash issue 140 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview All the Projects Included in Stash 140!

Stay home, stay inspired! Take a peek at this two-minute preview of STASH 140 which adds another 31 motion projects (plus behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews) to over 5,500 titles included in The Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

Hillary Documentary Main Title by Imaginary Forces | STASH MAGAZINE

Hulu “Hillary” Documentary Main Title by Imaginary Forces

From Imaginary Forces: “How do you make a portrait of one of the most admired and vilified women of the world? Well, if it’s Hillary Clinton, you raid filmmaker Nanette Burstein’s archive of personal and press photos, stack ’em in chronological order, and let ’em play! [Read more]

Tiffani Manabat and Harshit Desai Imaginary Forces | STASH MAGAZINE

CD Harshit Desai and GM/EP Tiffani Manabat Join Imaginary Forces

Imaginary Forces (IF) is bringing on new talent to double down on their “don’t put us in a box” mentality. As a studio who’s portfolio lives in many industries, they are ready to help their clients navigate anything. [Read more]

Imaginary Horses by Imaginary Forces | STASH MAGAZINE

Imaginary Horses?

Inventive twists on the standard studio reel come along far, far too seldom. So when one of those twists arrive while also compressing the run time AND inducing a smile… well, that’s a good day. [Read more]