Partizan_Canal+ | STASH MAGAZINE

CANAL+ “L’expérience Cube S”

Partizan director Antoine Bardou Jacquet, Paris VFX masters Mathematic and agency BETC exploit your expectations of well-worn sci-fi tropes to jolt the Cube S set-top box from Canal+ into your consciousness. [Read more]

Division Columbia Snoop Dogg | STASH MAGAZINE

SNOOP the Poster Boy in “So Many Pros”

Spanking new music promo featuring Snoop Dogg in a series of ‘sploitastic posters designed by Division director François Rousselet with VFX and post by Mathematic in Paris. As you may have guessed, not completely safe for work or your politically correct family/friends. [Read more]

Mathematic_Jackson Warp | STASH MAGAZINE

Jackson & His Computer Band “G.I Jane” (NSFW)

Just yesterday I was thinking how long it had been since we had to label a clip as potentially dangerous for public consumption. Then, bang! – the fine people at Mathematic in Paris dropped this extraordinary MV in my inbox. Directed by French wunderduo Mrzyk & Moriceau for Warp Records, the clip explores misandry with a [Read more]

Megaforce and Mathematic: Is Tropical’s ‘Dancing Anymore’ (NSFW)

French directing collective Megaforce follow up their exceptional and somewhat disturbing live action and 2D hybrid video for Is Tropical’s “Greeks” track with this SERIOUSLY NSFW opus with hilarious/low tech porn courtesy of Mathematic in Paris.

[Read more]

Artist: Dorian GourgProduction: Caporal FilmsStudio: Mathematic Info from Gourg: “OPI wanted to pay homage to its Culture of Color, the video had to feature a surrealistic dance-off between four female dancers and a gorgeous horse, so I’ve been commissioned to create photorealistics frames of that battle to give intentions of setting and lighting. “I had […] [Read more]

Artist: Dorian GourgStudio: Mathematic The backstory from Gourg: “L’oréal wanted to promote their new mascara “Telescopic 30S” which has been created to break the record of eyelash extension. Director Jonas Akerlund imagined a futurist choreography between Mila Jovovich and her digital avatar to illustrate a new age in makeup world. “I’ve been working on the […] [Read more]