Stash issue 143 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 143 Lands with a Bang!

The Stash Permanent Collection continues to expand with STASH 143 adding another 31 outstanding motion projects plus behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews. Check the two-minute preview to see the new inductees. [Read more]

Kai A Little Too Much Music Video by Martina Scarpelli | STASH MAGAZINE

Kai “A Little Too Much” Music Video by Martina Scarpelli

Italian director/animator Martina Scarpelli on her music video for Canadian singer/songwriter kai (aka Alessia De Gasperis-Brigante): “In an imaginary space, a woman lets go of herself and overcomes fearing her own greatness. She discovers her body, she embraces her emotions and learns to own all the parts that make her HER.” [Read more]

London Grammar Baby It's You music video by Trizz | STASH MAGAZINE

London Grammar “Baby It’s You” Music Video by Trizz

This enigmatic and otherworldly blend of CG, VFX, and live-action footage from Oriol Puig and the Trizz crew for English pop masters London Grammar will keep you guessing as to what’s what, and what it all means. [Read more]

Grimes You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around by Brent Bonacorso | STASH MAGAZINE

Brent Bonacorso’s Take on Grimes’ “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around”

In April 2020, Grimes released “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around” along with an invitation for fans to engage with the music video’s green screen backgrounds. Los Angeles director Brent Bonacorso took her up on the offer. [Read more]

Stormzy Superheroes music video by 2veinte | STASH MAGAZINE

Stormzy “Superheroes” Music video by Taz Tron Delix and 2veinte

From 2veinte in Buenos Aires: “By request of London production company Compulsory and director Taz Tron Delix, we designed and animated the ‘Superheroes’ video clip for the amazing UK rapper, Stormzy. [Read more]

French 79 "The Remedy" music video by Daniel Stankler | STASH MAGAZINE

French 79 “The Remedy” Music Video by Daniel Stankler

Director/animator Daniel Stankler in London: “The French 79 album, ‘Joshua’, is about [founder Simon Henner’s] childhood in Marseille, and so Marseille was quite important for the film. [Read more]