Hoodies for the Homeless Music Video Sean Wehrli Mayukh Goswami | STASH MAGAZINE

Hoodies for the Homeless Music Video by Sean Wehrli and Mayukh Goswami

Director/animator duo Sean Wehrli and Mayukh Goswami back up rappers Dave East, Jay Electronica, and Tavis Sage with a hand-crafted music video full of grit and shadows for NYC non-profit Hoodies for the Homeless. [Watch]

Miranda! El Arte de Recuperarte Music Video by Dante Zaballa | STASH MAGAZINE

Miranda! “El Arte de Recuperarte” Music Video by Dante Zaballa

Director/animator Dante Zaballa, who brought us the Curious World of Animals and the Doodle Project, unleashes his loose and cheeky style on a music video for Argentine electropop band Miranda! [Watch]

Sebastien-Guerive-Bellatrix-Music-Video-by-Thomas-Blanchard | STASH MAGAZINE

Sebastien Guerive “Bellatrix” Music Video by Thomas Blanchard

Thomas Blanchard: “The ‘Bellatrix’ music video is an 8K experimental film based on the crystallization of ice stars. It is a chemical saturation in hot water which is then cooled causing the chemical saturation to become very unstable. The slightest disturbance in the liquid activates crystallization. [Watch]

The Extravagants Zero into Nine Music Video by Little Fluffy Clouds | STASH MAGAZINE

The Extravagants “Zero into Nine” Music Video by Little Fluffy Clouds

Indie pop band The Extravagants (aka Laura Milligan and Mike King) engage Bay Area animation studio Little Fluffy Clouds to create a mystical “modern-day dreamscape” for their new track “Zero into Nine”. [Watch]

Max-Cooper-Exotic-Contents-Music-video-Xander-Steenbrugge | STASH MAGAZINE

Max Cooper “Exotic Contents” Music video by Xander Steenbrugge

For his latest experiment merging music and visuals, producer/musician/artist Max Cooper teams with Belgian machine learning researcher and digital artist Xander Steenbrugge to turn the words of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein into a spellbinding stream of motion art. [Watch]

Pink Noise Sky Cry Music Video by Mathematic | STASH MAGAZINE

Pink Noise “Sky Cry” Music Video by Mathematic

From the team at Mathematic: “Sky Cry” is the new animated music video for artist Pink Noise, directed by Kim Chapiron and co-produced by international, award-winning animation studio Mathematic, Phantasm, Quiet, and Viral. [Watch]