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Amazon Books That Reading Feeling Awaits Tom Noakes | STASH MAGAZINE

Amazon Books “That Reading Feeling Awaits” by Tom Noakes and Friends

Prettybird director Tom Noakes pulls together five VFX and animation studios then pairs them with different literary genres to illustrate “the invisible magic that happens in our imaginations when we read” for Amazon Books thru Droga 5 London. [Watch]

Climate Healers Vega the Cow Kristian Andrews Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Climate Healers “Vega the Cow” by Kristian Andrews and Studio AKA

Studio AKA director (and avid environmentalist) Kristian Andrews helps US charity Climate Healers deliver an urgent message about how switching to a plant-based diet can reduce the emission of greenhouse gas and slow global warming. [Watch]

Bellefaire Value You by Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Bellefaire “Value You” by Manddy Wyckens and Studio AKA

To raise awareness about the trafficking of young people in the US, Ohio agency Catbird chose Studio AKA director Manddy Wyckens to directly engage children ages 11 to 18 with this animated work for child service agency Bellefaire JCB. [Watch]

Joules A Woodland Tale by Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Joules “A Woodland Tale” by Kristian Andrews and Studio AKA

Studio AKA director Kristian Andrews in London: “During the pandemic, green spaces have become especially precious to many of us. It was wonderful to work on a piece that avoids a conventional Christmas message and instead celebrates these threatened ecosystems.”

Fedrigoni "Paper Box" by Kristian Andrews and Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Fedrigoni “Paper Box” by Kristian Andrews and Studio AKA

From Studio AKA in London: “Paper box is an intriguing object designed by agency Graphic Thought Facility for Fedrigoni. It is a box that contains the entire collection of papers available from the historic Italian paper manufacturer. [Watch]