Method Studios Bryan Farhy Michael Bennett | STASH MAGAZINE

Method Studios Welcomes Bryan Farhy and Michael Bennett

Global digital production company Method Studios today announced the hiring of Bryan Farhy as Managing Director, West Coast, and Michael Bennett as Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, West Coast MethodMade. [Read more]

Method Studio launches Method Made | STASH MAGAZINE

Method Studios Launches MethodMade Collective

Digital production company Method Studios introduces MethodMade, a collective of award-winning directors, artists, technologists, and tastemakers. [Read more]

Fiona Chilton Method Studios as Head of Production, Sydney | STASH MAGAZINE

Fiona Chilton Joins Method Studios as Head of Production, Sydney

Global VFX company Method Studios has brought on veteran VFX and animation production executive Fiona Chilton as Head of Production in Sydney [Read more]

Chapeau FX Expands to Become Chapeau Studios

Chapeau FX has evolved into Chapeau Studios, expanding Chapeau’s core team from its VFX/animation foundation into production, design, and creative IP development (both for digital content & technology). [Read more]

House Special and Method Get AT&T Back on the Track

Combining live action, stop motion animation, and VFX is certainly not new but Furlined director Dougal Wilson makes the mix feel fresh as well as fun in this shotgun wedding of Western and preschool movie genres. [Read more]

Stuart Robinson Method | STASH MAGAZINE

Stuart Robinson Heads Up Method’s Advertising Business in North America

Stuart Robinson has been promoted to EVP and Managing Director, North American Advertising Production, to unify advertising and brand-facing operations. [Read more]