Sparks The Existential Threat music video by Cyriak | STASH MAGAZINE

Sparks “The Existential Threat” Music Video by Cyriak

UK director/animator Cyriak brings all his mastery of subversive weirdness to this music video for “The Existential Threat”, a track off the newest album from venerable American pop innovators Sparks. [Read more]

Tocatta short film by Optical Arts | STASH MAGAZINE

Gravity and Bach Collide in “Tocatta” by Optical Arts

Following on the success of their recent CG floral experiment, London’s Optical Arts keeps the exploratory spirit alive with this live-action ballet of poetic destruction shot at extremely high speeds (between 1000 and 5000 frames per second). [Read more]

Champion Green All Rise | STASH MAGAZINE

Ireland Champions Green in “All Rise” by Brian Williams

Brian Williams (aka Super 68), a director at the recently launched London studio of Ntropic, says creating this new spot to help drive the economic renewal of local Irish communities made him “very homesick but very happy.” [Read more]

Money Supermarket Money Calm Bull commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Breaking: Bull Stays Calm in China Shop

Untold Studios, who nailed the VFX on the 2019 John Lewis holiday spot, joins Blink director Nick Ball to rustle up a new mascot called the Money Calm Bull in this blockbuster for UK financial services website MoneySuperMarket. [Read more]

Babybel Join the goodness commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Platige Image “Join the goodness” in Lockdown for Babybel

French director Hervé de Crécy (who shared the Best Animated Short Film Oscar for “Logorama” in 2010), teams remotely with the VFX crew at Platige Image to create a massive urban Candyland complete with mini cheese superheroes. [Read more]

Julia Kent "Serves Us RIght" music video by Jola Kudela | STASH MAGAZINE

Darren Leigh Purkiss “Serves Us Right” Music Video by Jola Kudela

UK art director and Flame/Nuke artist Jola Kudela: “This video is a product of self-isolation during the coronavirus time, driven by the frustration of not being able to go outside, which for me was the direct consequence of our behavior as humans. [Read more]