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Duncan Channon Upwork Hey World | STASH MAGAZINE

Gentleman Scholar for Upwork “Hey World”

Molten animation from Gentleman Scholar and in-your-face scripts from agency Duncan Channon help position Upwork in the exploding market for all manner of freelancers. [Watch]

Timberland Legends Nas Fire | STASH MAGAZINE

Gentleman Scholar Adds “Fire” to the Timberland Legends Collection

Gentleman Scholar Adds “Fire” to the Timberland Legends Collection [Watch]

Timberland Trumpet | STASH MAGAZINE

Gentleman Scholar Joins the Timberland Legends Club

Formative episodes from the Queensbridge childhood of multi-platinum hip-hop artist Nas take on the feel of a graphic novel in the first two spots by Gentleman Scholar for the Timberland Legends Collection. [Watch]

Mia Morton_Dairy Farmers of Canada | STASH MAGAZINE

Gentleman Scholar Introduce Mia & Morton

The move toward longer, heart-tugging CG story-telling continues to accelerate with this 3.5-minute short film for the Dairy Farmers of Canada crafted by the crew at Gentleman Scholar thru agency DDB Canada. [Watch]

JP Rooney Gentleman Scholar| STASH MAGAZINE

JP Rooney says Life is a Box of Chocolates

JP Rooney, aka the Gentleman Scholar associate creative director with the ex-racing greyhound named Ghostface, channels his inner bonbon with this 3D Valentines confection full of snappy character animation. [Watch]

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