Tajawal "Travel. Bring Back You" by Omar Hilal and Platige Image | STASH MAGAZINE

Tajawal “Travel. Bring Back You” by Omar Hilal and Platige Image

Dejavu director Omar Hilal and the Platige VFX crew conjure a forlorn folksinger (who also happens to be a mandrill) to prove Tajawal’s travel app can help you shake your routine-induced ennui. [Watch]

Stash issue 142 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Babybel Join the goodness commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Platige Image “Join the goodness” in Lockdown for Babybel

French director Hervé de Crécy (who shared the Best Animated Short Film Oscar for “Logorama” in 2010), teams remotely with the VFX crew at Platige Image to create a massive urban Candyland complete with mini cheese superheroes. [Watch]

Metro Exodus “Artyom’s Nightmare” Trailer by Platige Image

Writer/director Tomek Suwalski and a massive crew at Platige Image summon a menacing CG vision of post-nuclear Russia in the trailer for Metro Exodus, the third installment in 4A Games’ video game series based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky. [Watch]

Polish History The Unconquered | STASH MAGAZINE

Poland Remembers “The Unconquered”

Commissioned by the Polish Institute of National Remembrance, “The Unconquered” tells the heroic and little-known story of Poland’s 50-year struggle for independence after invasions by the Nazis and Soviet Russia in 1939. [Watch]