Mike and Payne Sun Creature Marvel Midnight Suns | STASH MAGAZINE

Mike&Payne and Sun Creature Tease Marvel’s “Midnight Suns”

Following their collab on Legends of Runeterra in 2021, directing duo Mike Tyler and Richard Payne re-team with Danish animation masters Sun Creature on this visual blast for the Midnight Suns game from Marvel and Firaxis. [Watch]

Stash issue 155 image | STASH MAGAZINE
Cobb-Studio-AXN-Channel-Branding | STASH MAGAZINE

Cobb Studio Lightens Up AXN Channel Network Branding in Refesh

From the motion graphic team at Cobb Studio in Seoul, South Korea: “AXN is an international drama channel boasting a wide spectrum of content ranging from extreme action to thrillers, adventure, and action melodrama.” [Watch]

AMC Dark Winds Title Sequence Duncan Elms Elastic | STASH MAGAZINE

“Dark Winds” Blow in New AMC Title Sequence by Duncan Elms and Elastic

Duncan Elms, creative director at Elastic in LA: “In these titles for AMC’s Dark Winds series, spiritual and natural forces together with the earthy textures and colors of the South West were used to create compositions and imagery invoking the show’s themes.” [Watch]

Atlanta Season 4 teaser on FX by The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

The Mill Teases Season 4 of Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” Series on FX

Plenty of strange things are afoot in Atlanta as the fourth and final season of Donald Glover’s multi-award-winning TV series returns to FX Networks this September. [Watch]

ENA Drama Channel Branding Package Cosmic Ray | STASH MAGAZINE

ENA Drama Channel Branding Package by Cosmic Ray

From the team at visual branding studio Cosmic Ray in Seoul, South Korea: “The ENA Drama channel’s concept is ‘pick’ what you want and ‘fit’ to keep through the simplified set of objects. The key color red and sub colors work harmoniously to deliver a warm and trendy tone.” [Watch]