Lemp’s Last Wright documentary titles | STASH MAGAZINE

“Lemp’s Last Wright” Documentary Titles by Jordan Bergren

Motion designer and director Jordan Bergren: “In late 2019 my friend Franki Cambeletta reached out asking if I’d be interested in creating a title sequence for his upcoming documentary ‘Lemp’s Last Wright’. [Read more]

MBC M branding by Super Very More | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Very More Brands the MBC M Channel

Creative director Youngmin Kim and the crew at Seoul motion studio Super Very More wrap South Korea’s new pop culture channel MBC M in a cute and quirky graphics package complete with a fabulous making-of video. [Read more]

The Telescope MTV Artist Ident by Matthieu Braccini | STASH MAGAZINE

MTV “The Telescope” Ident by Matthieu Braccini (Director’s Cut)

Motion designer Matthieu Braccini in Paris: “I had the awesome opportunity to be commissioned by MTV to make video, free in terms concept and artistic direction. [Read more]

Hulu Little Fires Everywhere Main Title | STASH MAGAZINE

Behind the Scenes with Imaginary Forces on the “Little Fires Everywhere” Main Title

From Imaginary Forces: “The titles for Little Fires Everywhere delivers on the name itself as we indulged our inner pyromania. Shot at high speed, it’s a ballet of burning objects, tumbling, floating, and falling through frame. [Read more]

HBO Westworld Season 3 Main Titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Patrick Clair on his Titles for Westworld Season 3

Join Antibody CD Patrick Clair as he walks Stash fans through his thoughtful title update for season 3 of HBO’s sci-fi mind-bender Westworld including imagery generated using AI and machine learning. [Read more]

Stash issue 140 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview All the Projects Included in Stash 140!

Stay home, stay inspired! Take a peek at this two-minute preview of STASH 140 which adds another 31 motion projects (plus behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews) to over 5,500 titles included in The Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]