AHS Daphne titles Ep2 FX Elastic Hazel Baird | STASH MAGAZINE

Hazel Baird Details the Design Thinking Behind the Titles for AHS: Daphne Ep2

Hard on the heels of the titles for Lessons in Chemistry, Elastic ECD Hazel Baird delivers a standout opening sequence for the 2nd episode of “Daphne”, the third season of FX’s anthology series American Horror Story. [Watch]

Hazel-Baird-Elastic-Lessons-in-Chemistry-Main-Titles-Apple-TV | STASH MAGAZINE

Hazel Baird Stirs Up “Lessons in Chemistry” Main Titles for Apple TV+

Elastic CD Hazel Baird, who also brought the world the jaunty minimalism of “The Morning Show” titles, works with Welsh studio Rough Collie, to formulate a swinging science-based look for the Apple TV+ series “Lessons in Chemistry”. [Watch]

ESPN Monday Night Football 2023 Brand Films by Elastic | STASH MAGAZINE

Elastic Lights Up Monday Night Football for ESPN

Elastic creative director Paul Mitchell, whose intricate and electrifying CG motion work for ESPN we have covered here and here, continues to dazzle sports fans with this cacophony of design and light for Monday Night Football. [Watch]

Margherita-Premuroso-Studio-AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Margherita Premuroso Brings Her Directing, Animation, and Character Design Skills to Studio AKA

From the release: Studio AKA are excited to introduce Margherita Premuroso, the latest addition to our creative team of directors. With a commanding presence in the global sphere of animation, art direction, character design, and visual storytelling, Margherita is an epitome of artistic excellence and creativity. Born with an innate passion for drawing, Margherita’s journey […] [Watch]

Vladislav Solovjov LYMA Skincare brand films | STASH MAGAZINE

Vladislav Solovjov Finds Beauty in the Science of Skincare

One-man CG powerhouse Vladislav Solovjov shares his director’s cut of eight beautifully rendered 10-second product animations created for skincare brand LYMA – each one designed to introduce a key product benefit. [Watch]

Stash 159 preview image | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview Stash 159 and Experience the New State of Motion

The next chapter in the history of motion design is here. Watch the two-minute trailer for Stash 159 and ID all the stellar design, animation, and VFX projects that are now part of the Stash Permanent Collection. [Watch]