Very Crazy Works by Mixcode | STASH MAGAZINE

“Very Crazy Works” Event Promo by MixCode

When their branding pitch for a local design event in Taipei, Taiwan was rejected by the client, Mixcode Studio went ahead and finished the work anyway – creating an array of promotional assets including this blast of motion insanity. [Watch]

Stash issue 140 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Qualcomm Snapdragon animated commercial by MixCode | STASH MAGAZINE

Mixcode Unleashes for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon

Hot on the heels of their multi-technique work for Gogoro scooters, Taipei studio MixCode zags style-wise to deliver a jolt of hand-drawn dynamics highlighting the benefits of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile game experience. [Watch]

Stash 138 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Gogoro Scooters film | STASH MAGAZINE

MixCode for Gogoro’s VIVA Smart Scooter

Directors Chiunyi Ko, TuBo Lee and the MixCode crew in Taipei spin 3D, cel animation, and live-action into a manic world of color and form in this launch film for a new smart scooter from Taiwan manufacturer Gogoro. [Watch]

iQOO - Monster Inside Trailer Somei | STASH MAGAZINE

iQOO “Monster Inside” Trailer

Shanghai director/designer Somei Sun gathers nine artists to create dynamic and disparate logo treatments for VIVO’s powerful new gaming-centric iQOO mobile phone. [Watch]