OFFF Vienna 2021 Repeater Title Film Ian Bradley and Carbon | STASH MAGAZINE

OFFF Vienna 2021 “Repeater” Title Film by Ian Bradley and Carbon

The 2021 edition of OFFF Vienna launched with this ambitious and atmospheric allegory from director Ian Bradley and the creative team at animation/VFX studio Carbon, complete with a live orchestral score by Antfood. [Watch]

Huge Designs Around the World in 80 Days titles | STASH MAGAZINE

Huge Designs Opens “Around the World in 80 Days” Like Clockwork

London title specialists Huge Designs set an adventurous tone for a new BBC and PBS edition of Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days” (starring David Tennant as Phileas Fogg) for UK prodco Slim Film+Television. [Watch]

Margherita Premuroso RAI Torino Film Festival | STASH MAGAZINE

Margherita Premuroso’s Ominous Opening for the Torino Film Festival

Milan-based director/animator Margherita Premuroso (also a CD for worked with Italian broadcaster RAI and the Torino Film Festival to create an unsettling and enigmatic tone for the event’s Paranormal program. [Watch]

DIET Spec Title Sequence Kwon Oh Hoon | STASH MAGAZINE

“DIET” Spec Title Sequence by Kwon Oh Hoon

Director/animator Kwon Oh Hoon in Seoul, South Korea: “In the past, no one has ever forced us to ‘improve your appearance.’ However, at some point, our society has eroded people’s unconscious and made them regard not taking care of their appearance as a sin. “Korean people say that they try to lose weight 365 days […] [Watch]

Dark and Ominous Main Titles for “Turkiye’deki Seri Katiller” Documentary

Creative director Mert Kızılay in Istanbul: “Since the market for title sequences is very weak in Turkey, we always consider creating them as passion projects. “In return for the limited budget, the client gave us creative freedom. I presented a few concepts, and eventually, we decided to combine two of them. “We used this quote […] [Watch]

ElasticON Global Ordinary Folk | STASH MAGAZINE

ElasticON Global 2021 Opener by Ordinary Folk

From the team at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver: “We had the pleasure of working with our friends at Elastic NV once again on an opener video for their 2021 ElasticCon event.” [Watch]