We Love Graphic Design 2021 Jesper Bolther | STASH MAGAZINE

We Love Graphic Design 2021 Opening Titles by Jesper Bolther

Director/animator Jesper Bolther in Copenhagen, Denmark: “The ambition for this year’s WLGD opening titles was to create a string of simple animation experiments based on minimalistic, poster-like designs. [Watch]

Stash issue 150 main image | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash Drops Landmark 150th Issue – Watch the Trailer

The landmark 150th issue of Stash just dropped and we could not be more proud. Together with our subscribers, submitters, and fans we’ve built the planet’s largest motion design archive while providing inspiration and insight for professionals and students in over 100 countries. [Watch]

Elastic The Problem with Jon Stewart Apple TV | STASH MAGAZINE

Elastic Opens “The Problem with Jon Stewart” on Apple TV+

Creative director Benjamin Woodlock and the design and animation team at Elastic in Los Angeles capture a gritty, punk zine attitude in their titles for Jon Stewart’s new current affairs/talk show on Apple TV+. [Watch]

Pipita Studio's "Alphabet" Short Film Celebrates Musicians | STASH MAGAZINE

Pipita Studio’s Short Film “Alphabet” Celebrates Typography and Musicians

Pipita Studio in Lisbon, Portugal: “We dedicated this project to musicians from all over the world whose incredible virtuosity inspires us. Each letter shows how abundant and diverse the music culture around the globe is.” [Watch]

Hembree "Reach Out" Music Video by Igor + Valentine and Carpenter Collective | STASH MAGAZINE

Hembree “Reach Out” Music Video by Igor + Valentine and Carpenter Collective

The Kansas City combo of indie rockers Hembree and design studio Carpenter Collective join forces with the animation talents at Igor + Valentine on a warm and jaunty music video powered by the band’s new track “Reach Out”. [Watch]

Stash 148 Drops over Two Solid Hours of Inspiration | STASH MAGAZINE